The Weekly Diversion

Superfoods for the Male Brain!

The Weekly Diversion! Superfoods for the Male Brain! Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids which reduce brain inflammation that can impair the transmission of nerve signals and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Eggs are high in protein and vitamin B-12 which can reduce age-related brain […]

Superfoods for the Female Brain!

The Weekly Diversion! Superfoods for the Female Brain! Chickpeas increase the brains production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps you relax and feel less worried, and the female brain produces less of it than the male brain.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Sweet Potatoes are high in vitamin C and fiber, […]

Just Glue It!

┬áThe Weekly Diversion! Studies have shown that lacerations treated with a skin tissue glue rather than stitches were closed faster and with less pain. The glued cuts heal just as well, don’t leave track marks, and don’t have to be removed – the glue flakes off after a few weeks when the laceration is healed! […]

Fight Fatigue!

The Weekly Diversion! Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bathwater to boost energy! Vinegar also restores your skin’s natural germ-killing acidity to help prevent illness.

Is Your Calcium Supplement Working?

The Weekly Diversion! Drop one of your pills in a glass of white vinegar and stir every 5 minutes for a half an hour. If the supplement doesn’t disolve – throw it out! It’s not being absorbed by your body either. watch full Revival! film online

Hot Cocoa vs. Wine and Tea

The Weekly Diversion! Hot Cocoa fights disease better than red wine or green tea COMBINED! There are more cancer and heart disease fighting antioxidents in hot cocoa and fewer saturated fats than chocolate! Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Save Money = Eat Healthy!

The Weekly Diversion! Carrots, onions, pinto beans, lettuce bananas, and orange juice are all less expensive per serving than soft drinks, ice cream, french fries, chocolate, and sweet rolls. A trip to a popular fast food joint for a family of four can cost as much as $28. In contrast, a home-cooked meal of chicken, […]

Online Shopping? Wait a minute…

The Weekly Diversion! When shopping online, leaving items in your cart for a few days may get you a discount! Some merchants (like Levi’s, ThinkGeek, Costal…) e-mail coupons to customers who don’t complete their purchases.  

Happy Hour!

 Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download The Weekly Diversion! Research shows moderate drinkers as higher income earners than nondrinkers and heavy drinkers. Many business deals are done over drinks, and those professionals who abstain from alcohol are often not invited. Helpful tip for non drinkers? Order a drink and leave it untouched, or […]

Two Minute Mood Miracle!

The Weekly Diversion! Just 2 minutes of activity raises your heart rate and increases production of the same neurotransmitters in your body that are increased by antidepressants. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download