The Weekly Diversion

Memory Trick?

Initial research indicates that clenching your right hand when preparing to remember something and your left hand when trying to recall it may improve your brain’s ability to retrieve memories.

Buyer Beware

When shopping online, don’t contact sellers who say they will e-mail you a photo. The e-mail may contain a virus or link you to a fake website designed only to collect your usernames and passwords.

Rethink Family Dinner

With the break-neck pace we operate at today, grab and go meals have won in a landslide victory versus family dinner at the table. The Columbia University Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse has found that the benefits of unifying family dinner come from just 10 minutes of connection, and it doesn’t have to be […]

State Side Allergies

American children born outside of the Unite States are 48% less likely to have asthma, eczema, hay fever, food allergies and other allergic conditions than American children born in the United States.

Who Texts When they Drive?

An AT&T survey shows that almost half of adults report texting while driving, but only 43% of teens (age 15-19).

Reduce Risk of Stroke with Olive Oil

People who add olive oil to their daily diet reduced their risk of ischemic stroke by 41%

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More Airplane Seating!

Airlines are adding more seats to the airplane! Where did they find the extra space? Well you may want to think twice about using the restroom, the extra space is coming from a redesigned and slightly smaller airline lavatory.

Reduce your Water Bill!

Tips to Conserve Water and Reduce Your Water Bill! Place a full two-liter bottle in the back of your toilet to reduce the amount of water needed to fill the tank. Fixing a leaking toilet tank can save up to 1,000 gallons of water a month. Test for a leak by putting food coloring in […]

National Doughnut Day!!!

The Weekly Diversion! Who’s ready for National Doughnut Day?? Keep a look-out for free doughnuts from local retailers on Friday, and in the mean time we invite you to rejoice in the glory of these epic doughnut creations!   Strawberry Margarita Donut – Psycho Donuts : filled with real tequila pastry cream, topped with strawberry […]