Sugar Detox Just in Time for the Holidays

The first three days are called the “3-Day Sugar Fix.” When we first read this, we thought this was three days to binge-eat all the sugar we wanted before we had to give it up. We were wrong. WARNING: Withdrawal symptoms may include fatigue, headache, fogginess and irritability. Did we mention that sugar has proven […]

Limit Coffee to Reduce Health Risks

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee (in moderation). The best part of waking up…you know the rest. Most people can barely function without at least one cup of joe in the morning, and some days may even merit two or three. However, according to a recent study, you should stop there. Carl J. Lavie, MD, of […]

Cell Phone Contract?

The Weekly Diversion! The American Customer Satisfaction Index¬† shows that customers are unhappy to miserable with the big contract carriers. The result? An increasing number of cell phone users are switching to no contract carriers. They are trading the discounted phone cost on the contract plans for more expensive phones with lower monthly service charges […]